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Thursday, June 30, 2011!
xan ❤; 9:16 PM

MY BLOG IS SUPER DUPER DUSTY I KNOW. :x MY GOD! I'm just being too lazy to blog.
no motivation to blog. hahahah! more to tumblr than to blog.
though I didn't blog for so long, I suddenly feel like blogging. LOL!

time flies. today is the last day of June already and few more hours to July.

HELLOOOOOOOO JULYYYY! in advance. Please be nice alright? 7 is ♥
so which means july is ♥.
after July which means only left with a few months to end of 2011.

anyway, I cant wait for 8th July!♥

I shall hunt for this 2 magazines(below).

Kim Jonghyun is ♥ ♥ ♥.
He is always so handsome. awww~

Friday, February 11, 2011!
xan ❤; 2:52 AM

Before I go to bed, I shall blog a lil now. heheheh!
did you guys realised time pass quite fast recently?
so fast it's the 2nd month of 2011 already.

It's February!!! wow~

Chinese new year, my 21st, ling's 21st and valentine's day falls all in this month.
so fast I'm officially 21 already. ohmyyyy! I wish time could stop.
I want forever 18 can? or forever 16. :(

when we were young, we wish to be older
but when we are older, we wish to turn back time when we're still a kid.

Sigh! ohwell. no matter what we must live our life to the fullest.

21st birthday celebration was mad AWESOME I can say. :D
received lots of pressies from all my beloved friends.
once again, thanks for those who attended my party(29th Jan)! I love you guys manymany! *Muacks* :D

Photos time~

My bday cake credits to Karlyan and Michelle :)
They bought ingredients, they made, they baked etc..


still got more photos at liqi's camera. waiting for her to send to me.
she's a busy woman though. heheheh :x

shall stop here!
Goodbye peeps. :D